Windows 10

Win 10 permits you to create a system image.  However,  often times error messages occur, which prevent the image from being created in the first place.  Even if that system  image can be created, it is only a snapshot in time, and Windows decides what files and folders it wants to back up, when creating the image.  Creating a system image forces you to store all of your subsequent backups elsewhere,  and then later add them back manually, if you have to restore your computer from that  image, should a disaster occur.  This entire process can take considerable time (possibly hours) and expense.   We offer a far better solution- cloning your Win 10 drive.  Then your own, chosen periodic backups can be installed directly onto the clone drive as you create them, constantly keeping your clone drive current.   An additional advantage is that anything newly installed  on your computer can also be added directly to your clone drive at the same time.  None of this is possible with that previously created Windows system image. 

 So if needed, should you suffer either a failed hard drive or a crash from a virus attack- you'll be  back up and running using your fully updated clone drive in only a few, scant minutes (or less), rather than hours.   Since not all of our competitors may be able to offer this service for all Windows versions, this becomes another added plus, to using us.