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Why Choose Us?


We have been doing residential IT and computers for over 20 years. All work is done personally, by the owner. We do not hire “techs” who go from job to job, either getting paid on commissions or volume. We do only Windows desktops and laptops. We do not do MACs or iPhones. Rather than just fix your problem(s), we make every effort to help prevent future problems from occurring. We also customize the Windows experience, so that you are comfortable working with whatever Windows version you have.

What We Do


We take the time to analyze and diagnose the problems with your desktop or laptop, including software and hardware issues, viruses and networking problems. We then provide you with options, depending on which version of Windows you have and your needs. We charge only a modest house call and diagnostics fee. 

Perhaps you recently bought a new desktop or laptop, and it came with Windows 10 or 8.1, and you are not comfortable with those operating systems. Maybe you simply upgraded to a newer version of Windows, and now your existing printer, scanner and older software programs do not work with the newer versions of Windows. If so, we can offer multiple solutions to assist you.

Or you simply may have an older machine running Windows 7 or even Windows XP. We specialize in those older operating systems. If you do have Windows 10 or 8.1, and are not happy, we can customize it, so it retains the features of the older Windows versions. We can put back the Quick Launch bar, reset your icons, and allow you to use your favorite desktop, rather than just the start tiles. You can see examples of our customizations for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 using the "Examples" link on the home page.  Both have the look and feel of Windows 7. This can be especially helpful if you work at home, bring home your work with you, or have a web presence or SOHO (small office, home office). We realize that not everyone just surfs the web on their computers, and apps for finance, sports, dining, etc, as well as touchscreens, may be of value on your smartphone or tablet,  but not your laptop or desktop. You need to be able to work as you did before. Best of all, we do this for you at minimal cost.

While Windows does offer its own backup system, we provide custom backup solutions for you, which are far superior.  And, we not only remove viruses and other malware, we also take the time to explain, show and teach you all about backups, viruses, disaster recovery, ransomware, system freezes and crashes,  networking issues and hard drive failures.  And, we do this very inexpensively, so that these solutions are extremely cost effective. In this manner, you can learn to handle many of these issues yourself, saving time and money, and mitigating or even eliminating future costs and service calls. 

What We Do Not Do


We do not offer “upfront pricing”. Computer problems are different, operating systems vary, and offering upfront pricing makes many assumptions that may not apply in your situation. 

As an example. if you have a problem with your car starting, your mechanic has to look at the car to diagnose the problem, before giving you an estimate.  And, should you see upfront pricing, say for a “tune up”, that price may be for only certain engines and procedures.   Should  the mechanic find other problems, then that "upfront pricing" is quickly replaced. It’s the same with computers. Besides, if we offered an upfront price, you would pay that price, regardless of whether we were there five minutes or fifty minutes, which means it is far more profitable to get in and get out as fast as possible. We do not operate that way. We make sure that you get what you pay for, and much, much more.

Contacting Us

By Email

By Email, text or phone- whichever is most convenient for you.


Contacting us:

Or, you can email us directly at - ComputerHelpOnCall@gmail.com and you can text us, or call us on our cell phone- (973) 228-8829. We make every effort for appointments within one day, and we do not require you to set aside blocks of time, for us to arrive. We arrive promptly at the scheduled time. We also work evenings and weekends at no additional cost.

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