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Computer Help On Call

Why Choose Us?


We have been doing residential  and small office computers for over 20 years. All work is done by the owner. We do not hire “techs” who go from job to job, either getting paid on commissions or volume. We do all Windows desktops and laptops.  Rather than just fix your current problems, we make every effort to help prevent future problems from occurring. We also customize the Windows experience, so that you are comfortable working with whatever Windows version you have.  Additionally, we have the ability to clone all Windows systems, including Win 10. rather than just creating a system image. This allows for immediate recovery in the event of a disaster. (See our section under Windows 10 users).

What We Do


We analyze and diagnose the problems with your Windows desktop or laptop, including software and hardware issues, virus removal, pc repair and networking. We then provide you with options, depending on your needs. We charge only a modest house call and diagnostics fee. 

Perhaps you recently bought a new desktop or laptop, and it came with Windows 10 or 8.1, and you are not comfortable with those operating systems. Maybe you simply upgraded to a newer version of Windows, and now your existing hardware or  software does not work well with the new version.   If so, we can offer solutions to solve those problems.

Or, you may have an older machine running Windows 7 or Windows XP, that needs repair.  We specialize in those older systems. If you do have Windows 10 or 8.1, and are not happy, we can show you how to use them, and we can customize them, retaining the features of older Windows versions. We can restore the Quick Launch bar, reset your icons, add the "sleep" option to the shut down and restart options, and allow you to use your favorite desktop, rather than only the start tiles. You can see results of our customizations  using the "Examples" link on the home page.  They have the look and feel of Windows 7. This can be especially helpful if you work from the house, bring your work home, or have a web presence or SOHO (small office, home office). You'll be able to work as you did before, and not just surf the web using "apps", as you do on your smartphone or tablet.  Best of all, we do this for you at an affordable price.   We also provide backup solutions, repairs, upgrades, virus removal,  correct networking problems, and explain disaster recovery, ransomware, system freezes  and hard drive failures.   We may also be able to recover lost or deleted files and photos.   And, we make these solutions very cost effective.

What We Do Not Do


We do not make promises that we cannot keep.  That's why we need to see and diagnose your system before making any guarantees.  Computer problems are different and complex;  operating systems vary.   And while a " guaranteed upfront" price may sound great, it usually only covers one specific procedure. Most repairs are not that simple, and you may wind up paying significantly more.   Also with an upfront price, you pay at least that full  amount regardless of how quickly it's done.  We do not operate that way. We make sure that you get what you pay for, and much, much more.

Contacting Us

By Email

By Email or text - whichever is more convenient for you.


Contacting us:

You can also email us directly at - or you can text us on our cell phone- (973) 228-8829 (If you prefer to speak with us, and we cannot pick up when you call, please leave your name and  #, and a brief description of your needs- we will call back ASAP). We make every effort to schedule appointments quickly, and we arrive promptly at the scheduled time. We also work evenings and weekends  at the same low rate.

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